We’d love you to become a member of the CBCA Tasmania!

Membership of the CBCA is open to any person, family, school, library, home-school or similar organisation.

Download your Personal Membership Application form in either docx or pdf format.

Download your Institutional Membership Application form in either docx or pdf format.

Payment is by cheque, cash or direct deposit to our bank account (you just need to notify us of your receipt details).

If you’re a teacher or library staff member please encourage your school to become an Institutional Member and take advantage of the opportunities available to members.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is a not for profit, volunteer run organisation which works to improve the quality of children’s books in Australia.  Our activities to promote literature and literacy include:

  • Presenting the Children’s Book of the Year Awards to books of high literary and artistic quality.
  • Providing information on and encouragement to authors and illustrators.
  • Organising exhibitions and activities during Children’s Book Week.
  • Supporting children’s library services.
  • Promoting high standards in book reviewing.
  • Hosting children’s book-related events in Tasmania.

Thank you for supporting the CBCA Tasmania.

How much does it cost?

Individual Membership    $40

Concession Membership  $20 for student, pensioner or unemployed

Institutional Membership $80

Membership is for a calendar year Jan 1 - Dec 31

Membership Benefits

  • 2023 Institutional Members can access one of the following incentives: A Creator Workshop¹, Book Week Merchandise Refund², or Entry in Shadow Judging³ of the Book of the Year Awards, funded by of a Federal Government/Department of Education Grant.*
  • Discounted entry at ticketed events for Personal / Concession members. Institutional membership covers all staff at the institution for the discounted member rate determined for each event.
  • Access to quality merchandise available via the estore
  • Eligibility for schools and home-school teams to participate in the annual Southern Tasmanian Readers' Cup competition.
  • Professional Development events such as the Book of the Year Award Judge’s Talks.
  • Information about author and illustrator tours, speakers and other events.
  • Advance access to our regular newsletter.
  • Providing financial support to the CBCA Tasmania, which is a volunteer organisation, to meet its ongoing costs and fund activities to benefit its members.
*Schools will need to advise which benefit they wish to access by June 30. Benefits may be withdrawn if funding is fully expended.
¹2 x 60 min or 1 x 90 minute local Creator workshop (one visit) - travel/accommodation will be by individual negotiation with co-ordinators (approx $469)
²Refund EITHER Giant Book Week in a Tube + postage OR Library Pack + postage (approx $200)
³Entry fee for Shadow Judging, 1 set of nominated books (approx $200)

Receive our newsletter

Members also receive, by email, our newsletter full of news about our activities and information about children’s literature for your enjoyment.

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The Children’s Book Council of Australia (Tasmanian Branch) Incorporated Constitution has been registered. Read it here.