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From the blog: Inspiring Kids to Love Nature

This week we meet wildlife ecologist and author, Gary Luck, where his years of experience studying Australian native animals is evident in the story of Melody Finch – a magical adventure with a strong environmental message.

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From the blog: A Canadian Perspective

This week we have a global perspective as Maureen Mann shares some special finds while exploring libraries and bookshops in Canada. There are some great authors and illustrators to discover!

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From the blog: Finding the Balance – Can Books help Save the Planet?

With climate disasters at home and abroad and media reporting on global warming, children can’t help but be affected and concerned. This week, Jennie presents some recent, and some not quite so new, publications dealing with sustainable issues that can help parents and teachers navigate this challenging topic.

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From the blog: With Opened Eyes: Snapshot 3 follows the Aboriginal Dreaming trail

The 2022 CBCA Conference brought together a range of speakers and covered significant topics deftly woven together with connections to country and an Australian Aboriginal presence that aptly encouraged participants to dream of possibilities and look at the world with open eyes to consider different points of view. As a virtual attendee Jennie Bales draws together some of these Aboriginal perspectives.

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From the blog: The crit group I didn’t know I needed

With Rita’s Revenge about to hit the bookshops, Lian Tanner shares her writing processes and the valuable insights provided by a team of fellow children’s book writers. What a wonderful process these outstanding children’s authors have engaged in to improve and develop their craft.

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