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From the blog: Tasmania Reads Week

Mark your calendar for a week of reading as part of the Tasmania Reads Week campaign. Sue McKerracher, Executive Director of Libraries Tasmania, our guest blogger, introduces the event and provides tips to help you immerse yourself in books.

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From the blog: Mother and daughter team up for children’s picture book

Jo Siggins is a professional investigator and author of children’s book Undercover Coco the Pine, the Crime and the Mystery Footprint. In this week’s post, Jo reveals the inspiration for her children’s book and shares her experience working with the illustrator (and her mother) Kaz Hutchison.

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From the blog: Jolabokaflod

Our final post for 2022 comes from Maureen Mann, and she wraps up the year by introducing a wonderful tradition for Iceland. Have you heard of Jolabokaflod? Read on and be inspired to start a new tradition on Christmas eve.

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From the blog: New on the Shelf this Christmas

Many thanks to Bronwyn from the Hobart Bookshop for this tantalising and far reaching list of new titles to engage young readers. It is great to see what is hot off the press to guide Christmas choices and reading diets over the Summer.

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From the blog: Lions Behaving Badly

Did you hear about the family of lions that went on a walkabout at Taronga Zoo this week? Felicity did. And this has provided the inspiration for this week’s post.

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