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From the blog: Picture Books for Older Readers : Insights into Endpapers

A previous post reviewed the exciting new database Picture Books for Older Readers produced by the National Centre for Australian Children’s Literature. This week, Dr Belle Alderman AM, a Director at the Centre, hones in on the contribution of endpapers and how they contribute to the literary engagement and interpretation of sophisticated picture books. Read on to discover how endpapers play an integral role in the storytelling process and also witness the breadth of search possibilities in the database.

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From the blog: CBCA Book of the Year Awards 2023: And the winners are…

And the winders are…. Did your favourite(s) receive an award? With a number of readers already familiar with the shortlisted titles, Felicity shares her personal experiences gained through reading books and reviews and from her senior students involved in the Shadow Judging (announced next Friday, 25 August).

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From the blog: Dog Tales

Discover some wonderful chapter books about dogs in this week’s post brought to you by Loretta Brazendale. With a focus on the work of Kate Foster, discover her engaging fiction titles that deal with not just dogs but some of life’s challenges.

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From the blog: Fiction, Non Fiction or Both?

Booksellers have their finger on the pulse (or is that eye on the page) when it comes to observing trends in the industry. This week Bronwyn, from Hobart Bookshop, shares her thoughts on publishing in the field of children’s non-fiction. This post is sure to resonate when we consider the range of books appearing on recent award lists and on the shelves.

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